Wizard Frame (QTS)

The Wizard Frame System consists of two frames and a stencil. The first frame is a plastic Container Frame (Patent #US 6,494,134,82) which protects the technician from injuries during handling from the stencil's razor sharp edges. The stencil is always contained in a molded plastic Container Frame that reduces the chance for damaging the stencil during shipping and handling.
The second frame, (The Wizard) is a lightweight aluminum stretch frame, which accepts the Plastic Frame with the stencil and tensions this stencil in four directions.

This new twin frame system offers the following  ADVANTAGES over the conventional aluminum castings and tubular  frames:

• Significant cost savings when ordering stencils with the Container Frame.
• The availability of a larger image printing area.
• Reduced storage space requirements
• Shorter turnaround time.
• Eliminates the need to return used frame castings.

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