PCB Manufacturing Capabilities Please see below our list of Manufacturing and Materials capabilities, and also note our Quality certifications.

PCB Engineering Capabilities

Tropical Stencils staff of Engineers come with years of experience in PCB design and on hands manufacturing expertise. Let our staff help with your design for manufacturability of your Printed Circuit Board.

We can assist in "Array Design". to achieve optimum usage of the panel resulting in most effective cost based on material usage. We can design your array with V-score, tab routed, mouse bites, along with Fidicuals and tooling holes. You will receive an array drawing for your approval and records.

Our Engineers perform a "DFM" of your printed circuit board to ensure a smooth process in manufacturing. We handle all of the engineering questions, resulting in less delay in getting product delivered on time.

One of the convinces of using Tropical Stencil for you PCB and Engineering services, you can be guaranteed that your boards and Stencil will match, and have the comfort of knowing they will arrive on time, together so there are no delays in starting your production.

See below listing and examples of our design services