Products PCB's

Tropical Stencil is your source for all your Printed Circuit Board's needs, from standard FR4, High Tg, Flex, Aluminum and many more. We handle all of your Engineering, negotiate the most competitive price and handle all of the communications and import logistics to ensure you receive a quality product on-time.

Stocking Programs
  • Ship per your schedule
  • Work with your MRP
  • Climate controlled stocking facility
  • Handle all freight and customs
  • Price quote FOB Florida
  • 3-10 days turn on proto and small production
  • 2-5 week on all start up volume production orders
  • 2-4 week turn on repeat orders
  • Zero Lead Time on consigned/warehouse product.
Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Direct manufacturing communications
  • Experienced Sales and Engineering staff to manage your product

See below examples of our products

Flex Board Aluminum PCB  Aluminum PCB  Aluminum PCB  Aluminum PCB 
Aluminum PCB  Aluminum PCB  6 layer, Blue LPI 8 layer High TG 8 layer High TG
Edge castellation Peelable Mask Carbon Keypad 4 layer, FR4-Immersion Gold-Carbon Ink