Framed Mounted Stencils

Framed SMT Stencils or glue-in stencils are laser cut solder paste stencil foils permanently mounted in a stencil frame using a mesh border to tightly stretch the stencil foil taut in the frame. Framed SMT Stencils are designed for high volume screen printing. All of our laser cut stencils provide optimum solder paste volume control.

Key Features

  • Very Clean Laser-Cut Apertures
  • Excellent Print Performance
  • Excellent for High-Volume Stencil Printing
  • All Framed SMT Stencils are bonded with durable epoxy.
  • Get Special discount on your Stencil when you order your PCB's with Tropical Stencil
Cast 8”x10” 6”x8” 4”x6”
Cast 12”x12” 10”x10” 8”x8”
Cast 12”x17” 10”x15” 8”x13”
Cast 15”x15” 14”x14” 12”x12”
Cast 20”x20” 18”x18” 16”x16”
EXT 20”x20” (OD 23”x23”) 18”x18” 16”x16”
EXT 29”x29” 21”x21” 19”x19”
Space Saver 29”x29” 21”x21” 19”x19”
Fuji 18"x24" 16"x22"

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